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A little about Abigail Jerri

Take a chance on a bad girl.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa, songwriter Abigail Jerri has always had a love for music. As a young child, she began penning her first song about her favorite color. The song was called “Pink” and it was written at the age of 4. As she grew up she’d spend her time jamming with her older brother Steven who happened to be a drummer. The two would play and sing in his bedroom where his kit was set up. These were the beginnings of what would later become a lifelong passion.


It’s hard to tell which came first, the chicken, or the egg. Abigail's singing voice excelled quickly but she also spent her time working on songwriting non-stop. Being a gymnast for over 12 years, Abigail was able to take the drive and determination she learned from that and apply it to her music career. Her first professional recording happened at only 14 years old and she went on to attend a performing arts high school, majoring in musical theater. Throughout her years there she also performed in several bands ranging in musical style giving her the opportunity to work with an array of projects.


Now in her early 20’s, the artist has honed in her own sound bringing influences from her past experiences in music together to create her current and upcoming material.

"Abigail Jerri is a true professional artist! Working with her is a pleasure; she is talented, easygoing, and works well under pressure. When things go wrong, you can be sure that Abigail will not. I highly recommend working with this artist, she won't let you down!"


Angelle Pryor - Duquesne University

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